Company Introduction

Entrepreneurship oriented to the best of the best efforts

Present condition of factory
Factory Site7,192㎡(Buliding 3,752.55㎡)
Status of EquipmentFactory hoist(3Ton, 5Ton, 10Ton)
EXACT-200 Cutting machine
Pipe machine 4EA
TIG welding 20EA
Pipe cutting machine 2EA
CO2 welding machine 6EA
Oxygen cutting machine
Positioner SHBW
  • Main building whole view

  • Factory whole view

  • View inside the factory

(Yongyeon-dong) 790, Cheoyong-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan, Korea    TEL : +82 52 238 6091   FAX : +82 52 268 6091
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